Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Atomic Cafe Extra Credit Project

Up to 100pts, Due Wednesday May 28th 


·        Watch “Atomic CafĂ©” Linked on the class blog page. (1hr 25min)
·        Pick 5 of the short clips within the movie to analyze in-depth.
For each of these five clips include the following:
1.  Short summary of the video clip.
2.  What was the message? What imagery was used?
3.  Your reaction to this video clip. Is it absurd? Scary?
4.  What does this clip tell you about America during the dawn of the Atomic Age?
·        In addition, type a half-page summary of the entire film. What stood out? What was your favorite clip? What was the scariest clip? Why? What did this teach you about America and the world during the Atomic Age?